Savior of Education

Become a part of the movement of shaping a child’s future through education. Here’s a brief about the plans we have for this year.

It takes a pencil to write a story, an eraser to re-write it, a book to write it on, a teacher to teach, and a school for all this to happen with your contribution.

54 young souls will be supported with their education for the year 2019-2020 through your generous contribution, making you a savior of Education!!!

You are contributing towards:

Admission Fees + Annual Tuition Fees + Uniform + Books + Back Pack + Shoes & Socks.

Your donation goes:

  • 79% towards admission and tuition fees.
  • 9% towards food and transportation.
  • 7% towards extracurricular activities, and
  • 5% towards administration, communication & advocacy.

Children are sent to English & Kannada Medium Schools.

Brilliant Kids Internationational Preschool, Lingarajapuram.

Jyothi High School & PU Composite College, Kacharakanahalli.

Orchid Play School, Mysore Road.

Donate towards Saviors of Souls

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Vijaynagar Branch.

Institutional Savings Account.

A/C: 031210000243 


All dontations are income-tax exempt and certified under 80G Policy

To know more Call/WhatsApp – +919535184223