About Us

It is not every day that a party turns into a project that goes on to impact dozens of lives.  When friends of over a decade gathered to usher in the Year 2011 umpteen topics were discussed which led to philanthropy and by the end of the night – Saviors of Souls (SoS) – with a vision and mission had been birthed.

Saviors of Souls started with providing basic care and medical attention for the victims of endosulfan exposure, moving focus to underprivileged children, and now eventually to REHABILITATION due to statistical retrospect the women rescued from various abusive backgrounds (dowry harassment, chronic drunk husband beating, suspicious husbands, and abandonment) as well as commercial sex workers who have been abandoned often due to age or health issues decisive to return to their prior habitat and in the case of commercial sex workers encouraging their offsprings to continue the same line of work.

Fast forward to 2018, team at Saviors of Souls has walked further down the path of social change, taking tiny but determined steps to leave their mark in the world of rehabilitation with empowering them to turn to other sources of income while also supporting their children’s education by providing skills training and workshops on culinary, tailoring, beautician, driving, sick-care, child-care, and paper bags and candles making.

With many more women left to rehabilitate, many children left to educate, and many lives left to empower, REHABILITATION ON WHEELS is the start of a new milestone for Saviors of Souls.