Past Projects & Initiatives


In the tropical forests of Maland looms the tragedy of endosulfan-exposure victims being abandoned and starved to death.  There was a prominent missionary search group who would go into the forest to rescue such victims and carter to their needs until their natural demise.  Since its inception, Saviors of Souls have partaken in being helpful in many ways to contribute to making such victims lives better in terms of food / clothing / medical care / and lifestyle.

***This project came to an happy ending, as in two years (2011 to 2013) there was not a single case of abandoned.



We, Saviors of Souls in association with Dr. Bharath Kumar Reddy (Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health-IGICH and Clinical Fellow in Pediatric Pulmonology at National University Hospital, Singapore) are entering a new chapter and have decided to call this program SOTS – Samaritans of the Sick’.  After four years of working towards our primary goal to educate, feed, shelter, and rehabilitate underprivileged children, we are now moving one step ahead as good Samaritans to children who need medical attention during their acute illness during per/post surgery and/or home-apparatus setup to ensure not just recovery from their condition but also quality of life thereafter.

***This project came to an end with Dr. Bharath Kumar Reddy starting his own foundation in 2014 – 2015.



Child beneficiaries, who are school dropouts and are not capable of education after several attempts, work for other needy children through the Paper Project”.  Here we make three different sizes of paper packets that we supply to various medical and fancy stores.  For this, we require a large quantity of newspaper/magazines.  We sell these finished products for the bare minimum price, children are occupied and there is a sense of contribution from their end as well.

***This project had to be put on hold because it was not economically viable.