Present Projects & Initiatives


Saviors of Souls started a play home cum safe home to house child beneficiaries of women who were rescued and placed in corrective therapy for a long duration of time due to mental / physical / emotional / or psychological trauma and not capable of taking care of their children until recovery.

Children are housed at the play home cum safe home until they can go back to their extended-family (with their mother’s consent) or until their mothers are released from corrective therapy and are capable to fend & care for them.

If some children need to stay for a prolonged period of time (academic time) or their mothers are not able to educate them, then they are admitted to schools depending on their capabilities to clear the entrance exam.  The medium of education is optional, varying between English, Kannada, Tamil, & Telugu.



Women rescued are trained in various areas and given exposure to diverse work options and getting them ready for the ‘On Wheels’ – Rehab Project.


  1. Health & Hygiene (Personal & Work Related)
  2. Etiquettes (Essential Social Mannerism)
  3. Self-defense (Basic Survival Skills)
  4. Two-wheeler & Four-wheeler (Riding & Driving Skills)
  5. Tailoring (Hand Sewing and Machine Sewing)
  6. Culinary (Only Those With a Flair For Cooking)
  7. Elder & Child Care Management (Only Those With Keen Interest & Compassion)